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How to Add Facebook Like Box to Blogger?

Blogger is an amazing blogging platform which is used by the users all over the world to blog about a wide range of topics. While using blogger to blog about different things the users need not have advanced technical knowledge about different aspects of website design or other advanced language knowledge. The only skills they need to have access to is the way to express themselves. It is a free platform and if required the users can also choose the option to monetize their blog and earn from the same. If implemented properly, this can be used as a source of income without making any investment. While blogging one of the most important factor that contributes to earn and more is earning more and more Facebook likes. In such a case it becomes necessary that you provide the users with the option to like your Facebook page easily. This can be done if you add a Facebook like blog to your blog.

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How to add Facebook Like Box to Blogger?

If you too are working hard to add a Facebook Like box to your Blogger blog, and have still met with no success you can go through the steps to do so. It is however necessary that you have a Facebook page of your blog and a blog available on blogger.

·         Browse to the Facebook like box plug-in.

·         Click on the Like Button Configuration option.

·         In the URL to like box enter your blog address.

·         Choose the width option that suits your need.

·         Under the layout menu, choose your button style.

·         Under the Action type menu, you can choose the action of like or recommend and also select the button size.

·         Based on your preference, choose the option to include or exclude the share button.

·         Click on the Get Code button, after which you are provided with two codes that you are required to paste into the blogger dashboard.

·         Open your Blogger dashboard and then click on the Template link.

·         Click on the button Edit HTML, and paste the first code.

·         Replace & in the code with &amp.

·         Copy the second code provided.

·         Click on the Layout button in the blogger.

·         Click on the Add a Gadget button.

·         Copy and paste the content into the Facebook title.

·         Click on the Save button to the specified location where you wish to display the Like box.

This adds the Facebook Like Box to your blog. If you come across any problem while going through the steps mentioned above, give a call to Facebook Customer Support Number to get the problem fixed by the experts. In case of any other problems as well that you face on your Facebook account the same number can be put to use.